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Frequently Asked Questions

The reviews on Plus Vacation Homes are written by guests who have booked and stayed at vacation rental properties listed on our platform. They provide valuable feedback and insights on the quality of the properties, the amenities, and the overall experience.

To leave a review for a property on Plus Vacation Homes, guests must first complete a booking for the property. After their stay, guests will receive an email inviting them to leave a review.

Reviews on Plus Vacation Homes are collected from guests who have completed a booking in one of our listings.. To ensure the integrity of the reviews, each review is subject to a verification process to confirm that it was left by a legitimate guest who actually stayed at the property.

When reading reviews for a property on Plus Vacation Homes, guests should look for feedback related to the property’s location, amenities, cleanliness, and overall experience. They should also pay attention to any comments related to the accuracy of the property listing details and whether the property met their expectations.

No, for privacy reasons, guests are not able to contact previous guests who left reviews for a property on Plus Vacation Homes. However, guests can view the reviews left by previous guests and use this information to make informed decisions about their booking.

Yes, we take the authenticity of our reviews seriously and take measures to ensure that they are genuine and trustworthy. We use a variety of techniques, including automated and manual checks, to detect and prevent fake reviews.